The Bat

Friday, May 31st, 2024

Written by Krisztina Toth

Directed by Ildiko Nemeth

In a kindergarten changing room, a rubber bat vanishes into thin air, setting off a chain of events of suspicion and soon resentment among the parents. What begins as mild distrust soon turns into full-blown hatred. Throughout a series of scenes of the mundane yet deeply resonant struggles of everyday life, the story unfolds into a darkly humorous tale of absurdity from Central and Eastern Europe. Against the backdrop of this comedic chaos lies a poignant tragedy, underscoring the stark realities of contemporary Hungary. "The Bat" offers a biting commentary on Hungarian Society, navigating us through hatred, accusations, suspicion, and ultimately, sorrow.



36 West 106th St
Manhattan, NY 10025, US

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The New Stage Theatre Company is an award-winning theatre company founded in 2002 by Hungarian native Ildiko Nemeth. The company’s works are distinguished by their bold visual style and compelling mix of absurdist and physical humor with dark and difficult themes.

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