Melody of Things

Concept and Direction by Ildiko Nemeth Original Text by Marie Glancy O'Shea

In a Route 66-style motel a group of travelers gather at nightfall, each fleeing a troubling past, each on a quest. Their intertwining stories unfold across territories of the real, the imaginary, and the magical. Inspired by Italo Calvino’s Crossed Destinies series, the project is concerned with subterranean longings and fears—the complex, ancient currents that exist beyond human language, with language always reaching.

This presentation is the result of a three-months rehearsal process led by Nemeth and includes improvisations, vignettes, and text developed during the rehearsals.

April 20th-May 12th 2024


36 West 106th St
Manhattan, NY 10025, US

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The New Stage Theatre Company is an award-winning theatre company founded in 2002 by Hungarian native Ildiko Nemeth. The company’s works are distinguished by their bold visual style and compelling mix of absurdist and physical humor with dark and difficult themes.

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